Why I Need A Dog


Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted a dog. I’ll never forget one of those moments in my life where my younger brother Ashley got chased by a West Highland Terrier and thought to myself ‘oh my god this is hilarious and err I need a dog.

Raised By HumansOk, so really the first thought that should cross your mind when a small yappy dog runs after your brother should be ‘I need to help him‘ but his terrified face only made me howl with laughter. I’m a sadistic sister, I know.

Anyway back to the point – I’ve always wanted a dog. So when my dad of all the family members in our lil unit who were obsessed with wanting a dog bar himself, brought a little bundle of joy home, we were ecstatic.

However life goes on and with my moving away to the bright lights of London town and Maisie (our yorkshire terrier) developing a split personality and a weird fascination for biting people’s toes, I miss the comfort of having a dog in the house. Raised By Humans got in touch about their snazzy new dog beds and the need for a dog came swimming back.

Now unfortunately we’re not at the stage where we can have a dog. We both work full-time jobs, come home late in the evening and there’s the small matter of the developers telling us we weren’t allowed dogs in our property. So, alas we’ll have to wait a little longer to get a furry friend. 

Dog Beds

However, I was pretty impressed by RBH’s dog bed designs because there’s so unlike anything I’ve seen before and if anyone’s pouch is going to pampered the most, it’s going to be mine. Also why did I read that back to myself as being naughty. God I need to grow up.

Raised By Humans began when the founders realised that dog beds were sacrificing design for convenience and they wanted to change that. They have two types of dog beds (to keep it simple) which are the mattress option and the more traditional doughnut version. Both are very much great value for money with the mattress one costing a smidge more.

I know that when I finally do get myself a dog, it’s going to be like my baby and my baby ain’t getting nothing but the very best. I’ve definitely noticed the lack of nice designs when it comes to dog’s beds so it’s great to see a company like Raised By Humans, spot that need and hopefully they’ll grown and release more designs in the future.

Be sure to check out their website and follow them on Instagram. The doughnut dog beds are £35 (small) and £55 (medium). The mattress version is £55 (medium) and £65 (large). Go on, pamper your pooch. Give back the unconditional love that they give you everyday. 

What do you think of Raised By Human’s quirky design? Let me know in the comments below and if you have a dog yourself, let me know.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Raised By Humans. All words are my own.

Why I Need A Dog


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