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We’re pretty lucky that we’ve moved into a new development that requires no painting or wall-papering whatsoever. I think when it comes to our forever property, we’d decorate more but for our first home, for us, this feels more like an investment and therefore we don’t want to choose colour trends that might not appeal to others. Julian Charles told me about their ‘Colour Your Personality‘ campaign and asked me what colours we’ve used in our new place.

Colour TrendsWe still have a while to go before our apartment is complete but I thought I could could talk about my colour choices for each room and why we picked them. I’ve always found colours fascinating and why we are all different in what colours we love. 


The Living Room – Grey & Gold

The living room was always going to be my first priority after I finished the kitchen. As this was the main room where we’d be spending most of our time in, I want it to be the first to be completed. Our colours for the living room are currently grey and gold. These colours together really compliment each other well because they bring out one another.

Grey was our colour for the sofa and I therefore wanted to build the other colours around this shade of grey that I picked. We recently got two types of grey cushions, where one is a lighter shade and one is a darker shade of the sofa. Another furniture piece we got recently was the coffee table and since then I’ve got a number of things to go on it, including a gold mirror tray and gold and marble coasters.

For me, gold is a luxurious colour and my eye get drawn to those gold pieces in the living space. Yes the predominant colour is grey but the gold paired with our white/cream washed walls really brightens the room up.


The Kitchen – Coppers & Creams

Before we even approached buying a property, I knew I wanted rose gold copper everything and when we saw our cream cupboard kitchen, it was just meant to be you know? Copper for me is a blogger’s colour, it brings me such joy every time I see something that’s copper coloured or at least has an element of copper in it.

Copper also brings a nostalgia of the past. It’s an old material and for me, I love everything vintage so to have a little bit of it in our apartment, makes me happy and reflects my own personality.


Main Bedroom – Mustard Yellow & Grey

Sam’s initial reaction to mustard yellow was that of distain and hesitance and I got it. A mustard yellow doesn’t sound so appealing but I was determined to make him see that it’s a beautiful colour trend for 2018 and beyond.

Both colours compliment each other well and even though yellow isn’t everyone’s favourite colour, I’ve found myself loving mustard yellow a lot, so much so there’s a lot of it in my clothing too. I also think that yellow is quite a neutral colour and it’s a colour we don’t associate with gender which is perfect for a bedroom we share together.

So I got some gorgeous grey and mustard coloured bedding sets from various shops but make sure you check out Julian Charles‘ beautiful range.


Spare Bedroom/Office – Grey & Baby Pink

This is the last room that I’m focused on at the moment but I think the colour trend for this room will be grey and baby pink. Baby pink because it’s the only type of pink I love. It’s subtle and not garish and I think will add a pop of colour to the room. Baby Pink is a very calm and comforting colour to me and I think this is a good atmosphere to have in what will primarily be a space for me to work in.

What’s your favourite colour and how does it make you feel when you see it? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Julian Charles. All words are my own.

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