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As my blog grows more and more, it’s of no surprise that I said yes to receiving a personalised mug and notepad from Rymans the other week. It’s always nice to receive something personalised, especially personalised stationary, and I wanted to get something that was relevant to me but more specifically for my blog.

NotepadSo I got sent the Personalised Initial and Name Mug (£8.99) and the Heritage Personalised Notebook with Name in Copper Foil (£19.99). Now we used to own a lot of mugs in our last place and I did a massive cull of them before we moved. So I didn’t want one that was just another generic, mis-matched mug.

I can already visualise my office space and what it will look like. However the office/spare room is really the last room that we’ll be working on so for the time being, it’s either the sofa or the bed. I wanted to get a personalised mug because it’s unique and specific to UpYourVlog. I think this would also be a great prop for my blog photos. I never really thought of Rymans doing anything other than stationary but they actually do a lot of furniture and storage too.

MugNow I must own several notepads because I love to do lists. Sam apparently finds it ridiculous how many to-do lists I do but who remembers the most and doesn’t double book themselves – ahh yes that would be me.

I’ve always wanted a personalised notepad because I want to use this solely for blogging lists. I also want to continue my YouTube channel later on this year when the office space is complete, so having a notepad that I can brainstorm in is needed. Also who would I be to resist the copper foil lettering?

Make sure you check out their entire range of notepads and mugs and let me know which ones you would pick in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – I was gifted these products in return for my own honest review. All words are my own.

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