Why My Forever Home Needs A Garden


The glorious weather that we’ve had over the last few weeks has been incredible. I mean, this is the UK we’re talking about here. We’re lucky if we get a day or two of Summer but this year we’ve ACTUALLY had a Summer. Mind boggled. Anyway, what me and Sam have not really done during this weird bout of sunshine is sit outside in our communal gardens. I don’t know why but I think it’s because we’d much prefer a garden space of our own. 

GardenHaving a private garden in our forever home is something I’m definitely going to be looking for in our next property when it’s time to really settle down. 


BBQ’s Galore

Now one of the big things about having a garden is when you have stunning weather during the Summer. The amount of times I’ve walked through our neighbourhood and smelt the delicious scent of a BBQ on the go has made me gagging for my own outdoor space.

BBQ’s really are one of the staples of Summer in the UK. Any opportunity to get some healthy unhealthy food cooking and to dine outdoors will be taken especially when the weather isn’t often on our side.


Discovering Our Green Fingers

One of the things I’m really looking forward to as I get older is having a garden that I can experiment with. I’d love to be able to grown herbs and vegetables in our garden and Sam’s parents have always owned chickens which is something I’d also love to have.

Gardens definitely need a certain amount of upkeep or else just like a messy indoor space, we’ll find ourselves not wanting to spend any time near it. I’d love to have an outdoor decking space and perhaps even a hot tub area if our financials would allow that. I could just see it now, with some garden camping gazebo lights decorated above the tub. I’d be in it every day, no joke.


A Private Outdoor Space 

Our communal spaces are super pretty but even when we were outside the other day, enjoying a glass of fizz on a picnic blanket, I felt like it was a bit of an intrusion for the other neighbours. Especially as there’s ground floor flats that look right out onto these gardens.

For me, a private garden space means there’s no one looking in and you can sunbathe butt naked without having to worry about anyone seeing your ghostly white bum.


Opportunity For Kids & Dogs

And of course, when it comes to our forever home, we want a space that’s going to be accommodating for more than just myself and Sam. Yep, I’m talking about mini me’s running around the place and a dog or two because I desperately want a dog at the moment but our living space and lifestyle just doesn’t work at the moment.

Having an outdoor space that we can call our own is definitely going to be a key feature we’ll look for in our next home. What do you think about gardens and outdoor spaces, could you cope without or is it a necessity for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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