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Liverpool. It’s home to an accent that’s probably renowned across the UK for being the post recognisable. I’m often asked if I’m from the city due to Stoke being quite close by geographically and pronouncing certain words the same way. I’ve visited Liverpool once which is shocking because A.) we live so close by and B.) it’s a beautiful city that is so unusual because of it’s New York style buildings. So here’s 7 reasons to visit Liverpool and rub shoulders with the scousers. 


Shop Till You Drop At Liverpool One

There’s nothing like a bit of shopping when you’re on a break or a mini holiday. Shopping at Liverpool One is a popular spot for many, considering there’s over 170 shops including bars and restaurants.

Liverpool One also holds a lot of various events throughout the world which is what I think really makes a community feel within a bigger city.


Get A Taste Of NYC

One of the things I couldn’t get over when I was in Liverpool for my mum’s 50th, was the enormity of the buildings. It was like I’d been transported to the Big Apple itself. Most of the buildings are bigger than you’d find in other cities within the UK and I think this is to do with the history of Liverpool being a popular dock for the Americans way back in the 1600’s.

I often find myself marvelling at the structures here in London and how beautiful they are. We don’t do it often enough so when you’re next in Liverpool, spend some time looking up!


Rock It Out At The Cavern Club

For my mum’s 50th, Dad took us all to The Cavern Club to experience a Beatles tribute band in a very iconic nightclub which was the birthplace of the band. The bar is downstairs and is an intimate setting, dripping in memorabilia.

Since it’s opening, The Cavern Club has seen a variety of stars perform there including Oasis, Travis, Arctic Monkeys, Adele and Jessie J. It’s a great location for a night out and the atmosphere was electric when we went.


The Albert Dock

I loved seeing this historic waterfront in the flesh, even if the weather was a bit iffy. The Albert Dock is a complex of warehouses and buildings. It was opened in 1846 and it was the first building to be made out of cast iron, brick and stone. 

With so many events and attractions going on at the dock, it’s known as the heart of the city. It’s such a beautiful setting so I can imagine it’s great for dining there over the Summer.


Do A Tour Of The LFC Stadium

If you’re a football fan, then the LFC stadium is definitely an attraction to visit. Typically a lot of the stadiums offer tours and Liverpool is one of those football teams that’s very well known globally. 

Tour ticket prices start from £10.00, with a very luxurious experience priced at £275.00. Check out more about what the tour offers here.


Explore History At Bombed Out Church

The Bombed Out Church got it’s name from the May Blitz of 1941 when it remained standing even though it was ablaze for three days. The church since then has become a multidisciplinary arts venue that curates and programmes events, community engagement and creative learning projects. It’s great to see a building that’s gone through hell, come out and create such a big impact on the Liverpool community.


Have A Selfie With The Beatles

Obviously The Beatles were formed in Liverpool so there’s plenty of spots and homages to this legendary band, including a statue of all four members that was given to the city by none other than The Cavern Club.

Since the statues have been created, a lot of tourists flock to get a selfie with the band. 

Have you been to Liverpool before? If so, let me know what you did in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Liverpool One. All words are my own.


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