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Few outdoor projects have the same impact as adding an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Nothing is quite as fun and relaxing as enjoying good conversation with your friends and loved ones while gathered around a fire in your own backyard. As a homeowner, you may be having trouble deciding whether you should go with an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit for outdoor decor.

Outdoor FiresIn the end, the decision really comes down to a few key factors including how much money you want to spend, the climate that you live in, and how you plan on using your outdoor space.

Whichever decision you make, you really can’t go wrong since both options provide numerous benefits. Fireplaces and fire pits both act as a focal point for your backyard, providing a gathering place that is warm and full of light. When you install one of these units, you can enjoy spending time outdoors throughout the entire year instead of just during the summer months.

They also have the benefit of increasing your home’s resale value by making it more appealing to buyers. That means that you can usually get a good return on your investment when you pay to have either a fireplace or fire pit installed.


The Top Reasons To Choose An Outdoor Fireplace

Fireplaces are commonly associated with romance. Along with providing a heat source, they give off a soft, beautiful light that can enhance your outdoor space. They are ideal for romantic dinners on your patio or for gathering together with a few close friends to share some laughs and conversation.

The only real downside to outdoor fireplaces is that they usually don’t offer quite as much seating as fire pits. Because you can only sit on one side of them, they are best for small, intimate gatherings. Installing an outdoor fireplace can also be a little bit more involved than installing a fire pit and they can take up more space in your yard. Here are some great ideas for outdoor fireplaces.


The Top Reasons To Choose A Fire Pit

Outdoor fire pits also offer a number of advantages. Because you can sit all around the fire, they are perfect for large groups. It is easy to carry on a conversation when everyone is sitting in a circle around the fire.

They also are usually smaller than outdoor fireplaces, meaning that they take up less space in your yard. Installing them is often less expensive, as well. Because they are low to the ground, you don’t have to worry about them interfering with the surrounding view. Fire pits are also very stylish and you’ll often find your guests will gravitate towards it more.

For our next home, I’ll certainly be looking for an outdoor space. Not only is it beneficial for future kids and pets but it’s also a great social space for dinner parties.

Do you have an outdoor space? Let me know what you’d pick in the comment below.


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