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I’ve very quickly realised that with my desire for perfection and my reluctance to spend money, I’m indecisive when it comes to furnishing our new place. And that isn’t a bad thing because everything I’ve purchased, I’ve been happy with. The coffee table was my first project and I can finally say that it’s complete. It’s only taken four months…So here’s how to decorate a coffee table.

Coffee TablePinterest was and still is my go-to place for finding inspiration. I don’t think I’m naturally talented for what goes with what so for like many of my purchases so far, I’ve turned to Pinterest for help.

My coffee table is from a company called Distinctify. I knew that for our first place I didn’t want bulky furniture because our space is limited, so I looked for pieces that were more modern than traditional.

I fell in love with Lunato Coffee Table before we even moved into our apartment and I knew that I just had to have it. My theme is grey and gold for the living room but I still wanted an element of rustic which is why I went with some wooden furniture too.


Adding Levels

I came across a really helpful guide on Pinterest which I’ll link to here because it’s what I’ve based my own coffee table decor around. Levels are important to draw the eye to the different accessories on the table. I didn’t want to add too much to clutter it and take away from the coffee table itself but for example, adding books tricks the height and makes a smaller coffee table appear taller.

BooksBrass MonkeyNow although no one will probably ever read these books, the pale pink really works well with the grey and gold. Yes they’re pretty pointless but they make those little brass monkeys look even more adorable.


Bring The Outside In

I cannot stress how amazing it is to have a bit of nature indoors. From my terrarium to the vase of fake flowers, adding some real and not so real plants raises my happiness levels whenever I walk into the living room. I always wanted a terrarium because they’re so beautiful and I love that I crafted it myself so it was a mini DIY project.

TerraniumUsing fake flowers are also a definite perk because you don’t have worry about them ever dying and they also make a great prop for my blog photos.


A Tray Of Accessories

One of the key pieces I wanted on my coffee table was a gold mirrored tray to add a little colour to the table but to also match the table’s brass gold legs. Along with those little brass monkeys, the tray and coasters all compliment each other as well as the creaminess from the flowers and the candle.

Distinctify TableSea CandleI think I’ll be going back on my word of saying ‘candles are meant for burning‘ because I want to keep this candle as decoration on the tray. The coasters were a steal from eBay and Zara Home is now one of my favourite places to shop for homeware.

I’m in love with my coffee table and once we start having friends over for dinner and sleepovers, I think this will definitely be a piece that’s complimented by everyone.

What do you think of my coffee table. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – I was given a discount in return for featuring the Lunato Coffee Table on my blog. All words are my own.


How To Decorate A Coffee Table


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