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I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while but I’ve only just managed to get round to fitting it into my hectic content schedule. I’ve always wanted to write an E-Book, especially when it comes to wanting to improve the DA (domain authority) of a website. I feel like I’ve learnt a few things over the past few years that have contributed to boosting my DA to where it is now.

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So my DA is currently at 31. Hitting that milestone of 30 was a great feeling because it felt like I’d gone up a level in terms of blog authority within the community. It told me that my hard work was paying off and it’s certainly opened a few more doors, opportunity wise. I think the road to 40 is going to be a lot harder. I need to start getting my blog out there onto different platforms and go through all my old posts to revamp them.

The E-Book took only a few hours to write. I didn’t want to include too much information that would bore the reader, so instead I broke it down into sections and have given the readers an opportunity to work on different aspects that all contribute to improving domain authority. So if you’re reading this blog and need a reason to spend 99p (yes that cheap) on this e-book then here’s a few things you’ll expect to find.


How To Fix Broken Links

Broken links are something that aren’t immediately obvious for new bloggers and even those that have been going for a while. Broken links aren’t great for when you have new traffic coming onto your blog so I’ll show you what to do in order to fix these broken links.

This really helped boost my DA and it’s something that is worth doing at the end of each month to stay on top of.


Promoting Your Content

Promoting content is super important. You spend all that time brainstorming, taking pictures and writing content that it goes to waste if you don’t show it off on social media. I’ll share with you my schedule for my platforms, which has helped gain a considerable amount of traffic to my site over the past couple of years.

Pinterest is my new favourite place to promote content and I was stupid to avoid it for so long as I’m now getting over a 150k views on Pinterest and at least some of that is referring back to my blog.


Refreshing Old Content

I used to post every day but now only do five posts a week (yes I realise that’s still a lot). There’s so much great content that I’ve produced and a lot that has had great engagement at the time of publishing. This sort of content then gets lost amongst all the new and improved posts.

Refreshing old content is probably the most important task that improves domain authority and I share with you the tips and tricks to boost that content.

There’s more that I cover in the e-book but I have to keep a little secrecy so you buy it. It’s available for just 99p and is a great investment into your blog’s future.¬†


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Let me know if you end up buying it and what you thought. Share it in the comments below.

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