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I don’t know whether it’s the same for everyone else in a relationship but since being with Sam, I’ve become very comfortable with what I wear and what I don’t wear. Lingerie is one of those things that I really don’t think much about and most of the time, my underwear is mismatched. Sintimacy sells a whole range of erotic dresses and saucy lingerie and wanted to collaborate on what my favourite types of lingerie are.

White LingerieWhich got me thinking. I seriously need to splurge on some nice underwear because a matching set is always satisfying and in the past, for every bra I’ve brought, I buy a gazillion types of coloured knickers. That’s not to say I’m going to buy 30 matching bras and knickers, but I need to start thinking about what goes with what.


Babydoll Night Gown

I own one sort of Babydoll-esque night gown which I got from Italy when I visited Rome earlier on this year (I know Italy – I’m so freaking extra). I think it was around 40-45€ and it fits so beautifully. It’s black and is made out of a light material that’s perfect for the Summer. I love the sexiness of it and I brought a cream/ivory dressing gown that goes perfectly with it.

Babydoll styles can sometimes be a little tacky but when they’re designed right, they can look really nice.



I’m a huge fan of lacy numbers. Anything that has lace on it, I’m there for. I love how confident lace makes me feel and it also adds to the detail of said lingerie. Most of my own lingerie is made up of lace.

I think lace is also one of the sexiest materials you can wear and this material has also transformed how we wear lingerie. With current fashion trends, we now have lace/corset bodysuits that are worn as day and evening wear.



It’s difficult finding bralettes when you have a bigger chest but bralettes are so comfortable especially during the hotter months. I’m sure all of you ladies can agree that sometimes it’s nice to feel a little more free. Bralettes give you that freedom whilst still keeping everything in place. No wires digging in or bra straps to fall down, wearing a bralette is definitely a must have.


Matching Sets

Of course I’ve mentioned this to begin with but it makes such a difference wearing a matching underwear set even if it’s just yourself that sees it. It always adds confidence and that feeling of ‘shit…I’ve made an effort‘. 

Whenever I wear matching sets, I feel more complete and well dressed, even though its only me who sees it. I think from now on, I’m going to make sure that I get more matching sets rather than odd ones that just don’t go with my bras.

Make sure you check out Sintimacy’s range and let me know what you think of their collections in the comments below. What’s your favourite lingerie?


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Sintimacy. All words are my own.




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