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Flowers are the way to my heart. I love how they can really lift my spirits whenever I receive them. Appleyard Flowers made my weekend by delivering me their Rosebud bouquet straight to my front door. We’d just received our dining table that very morning and I had plans to use this beautiful cream vase we got from my brother and his girlfriend as a centre piece for the table.

Appleyard FlowersThe dining table is my next project after finally finishing my coffee table (I know, I’m so slow at this interior thing) and I wanted to make sure that the dining table was something you could see on the way into our apartment.

Appleyard Flowers are a company that I’ve heard of before and they deliver flowers across the country even though it is a boutique florist based in London. The flowers are fresh and hand delivered that stay fresh for at least 7 days after delivery. I picked out the Rosebud bouquet as the creaminess of the roses and white lilies, drew my eye. Lilies and Roses are my favourite types of flower. Lilies start off so reserved and I just think they look incredible when they open up fully.

FlowersRosebudOf course, roses are very typical in bouquets but I love these avalanche roses and they make me think that these would be gorgeous in a bridal bouquet. The vibrant green bell and antique carnations add a beautiful burst of colour and there was enough in the bouquet to fill out the vase.

Prepping the flowers was also very easy. The flowers came in a sizable box so as not to crush any of the petals and the flowers were wrapped at the bottom with a soaked cloth to keep them hydrated for their journey. The flowers came with some flower food and after filling the vase with water, I poured this in, giving it a stir to mix it all in. I cut each stem at an angle and chopped off around 1-2cm and then placed accordingly into the vase.

Cream RosesI’m not the best arranger when it comes to arranging the flowers but I feel like the bouquet did all the work and I don’t think I did a bad job, right? The bouquet costs £29.99 which is a great price for treating someone. They also do a ‘chic‘ version which costs £5.00 extra but is a much fuller bouquet.

I only wish these flowers could last forever, yes fake flowers are the alternative but they never compare to the smell and look of a fresh bouquet.  Appleyard has an exciting subscription too where you can get a year’s worth of flowers, with a different bouquet each month. This starts from £22.00 per month so if you’re a flower fanatic like me, then this is definitely worth considering.

Appleyard has some beautiful flowers to pick from so be sure to check out their whole range. What do you think of the Rosebud bouquet? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – I was gifted these flowers in return for an honest review. All words are my own.

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