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Owning a blog is just one way that I inject my creative personality into my lifestyle. And I’ve always been a creative person, very much from an early age. Zen Supplies are an online arts and crafts store and they wanted to collaborate with me. So I thought what better way to do it then to chat about how I became to be the creative person I am today? I mean as we’re nearing the end of the year, it only seems right to reflect on the past.

Gold EarringsI always liked to be the centre of attention, not in a sassy way but in the more shy, bashful way. Growing up, there are home videos of me singing Spice Girls and various other 90s hits at family occasions or pictures of me at a young age on the karaoke. I’ve always put on this bold, confident front even though inside I was secretly on the verge of breaking from nerves at any moment. 

Our family friends were often subjected to talent shows where myself and my sister from another mister, rapidly choreographed a dance number and forced our brothers to get involved. Normally it was to just press play on the music. High school really wasn’t for me because I don’t think I ever fitted in properly. I was always trying to figure out who I was and what I wanted to be. 

A lot of the kids mucked around and I don’t think had any plans to move out of Stoke-on-Trent after school or college, which is fine, I just knew that there was more out there to see and do. That’s also been pretty standard with the way I view my achievements too, I always want something more. It’s great for me not becoming complacent but sometimes I forget to praise myself for the hard work I’ve done.

Art was a subject I loved at school because it was the only creative subject available. There was no drama or performing arts to take part in, so I was very much limited creatively. Zen Art Supplies’ oil paint sets remind me of time spent endlessly painting and shading shapes, flowers and objects. Some were passable and some were…questionable. Unfortunately, I didn’t get my dad’s natural talent for art.

It wasn’t until I started at an amateur drama society, that my confidence really solidified and thus came out of my shell a little more. When I got to college, that’s where it all changed and I got to study drama as a subject. For me, the arts are so important to a person’s growth, especially when they’re young. Without drama, for me, I wouldn’t be the creative person I am today and I certainly wouldn’t have had as much confidence. 

Blogging has now become my muse and I love it. I love being creative because I think it puts me at an advantage and without it, I feel like life is pretty boring! Do you consider yourself a creative person? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Zen Supplies. All words are my own.

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