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Suffice to say the start of this year has been crazy. I’ve hit my financial goal for this month and I’m just about to launch a 2nd blog which I’m SO excited about. But it’s also been a very expensive month for us. We’ve had a wedding deposit to pay for, a big council tax bill and a service charge invoice that’s due to come through any day now. Which is why I’ve had to push back on getting an office desk and chair. Furniture At Work recently created an info-graphic about finding out what’s on people’s desks around the world. I thought I’d share what’s currently on my ‘office desk‘ at the moment.

Office DeskSo my office desk is currently our dining room table. It’s actually the first solid surface that closely resembles an office desk as for the past few years, I’ve worked on my sofa or bed. For 2019, I invested in an iMac which is something I’ve always wanted since starting my blog business. It’s great to actually see my blog on a bigger screen and my posture is going to be a lot better since I won’t need to tilt my head downwards to see my screen.

There are two items that I have on my office desk and these have always been next to me since I started this whole blogging journey. The first is my mobile phone because I often brainstorm posts, take photos and do other blog-based work on my phone throughout the day. I also use a lot of different apps which I’ll need to use while working at my desk. My phone is my life when I’m away from my computer because it literally operates like a mini office. I would pretty much be lost without it.

PlannerThe second thing I have on my desk is this personalised notebook that I got from a collaboration with Ryman. I always have a notebook with something empowering written on the front of it. Although I use a content schedule app called CoSchedule to plan my days, my notebook always comes in handy for ideas and planning goals for the short-term and long-term of my blog. It’s also a ritual of mine to do big ‘to-do‘ lists that I couldn’t possibly finish but it helps keep me motivated to continue working. I mean, we all have our weird ways of working right?

I cannot wait to get my desk and chair for the spare room so I can finally have some office furniture from Furniture At Work. It’s been a long time coming and I’ve got so many things that I’d like to purchase for my desk that’ll make a huge difference to my working space. I can imagine having some inspirational quotes framed and around my the office/spare room and some stationary bits for sure. 

Do you have an office space? Let me know what you have on your desk in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Furniture At Work. All words are my own.

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