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Wearing contact lenses is something I’ve been doing since around the age of 15-16. I used to wear glasses all the time before this (and I still often do in the evenings and on weekends) but only recently have I found my eyes are suffering from dryness and fatigue. The Thera-Pearl Eye Mask was sent to me to try out and after a weekend of partying, it came at just the right time.

Thera-Pearl Eye MaskContact lenses worn for too long a time can dry out my eyes causing irritation which eventually gives me headaches. This eye mask offers a spa-like treatment to treat a variety of eye conditions from the comfort of your own home.

The mask is suitable for freezing or heating up and if you’re like me, instead of doing this immediately, you’ll spend half an hour obsessing over how satisfyingly squishy it is. The small pearls can retain heat or remain cool for long periods of time allowing you to choose between two very different temperatures.

The mask is versatile and won’t irritate the most sensitive of eyes. Freezing the mask for two hours and then applying to the eyes will increase blood supply and rejuvenate tired eyes.

Eye MaskI decided to firstly try it out in the microwave because this girl is too impatient to wait for two hours when she’s just got it.

So, it only took me 15 seconds to heat it up in the microwave (less if yours is more powerful than 900w). The eye mask comes out with what looks to be condensation on the inside but the pearls don’t feel any different than before. This literally feels like a warm hug on each of your eyeballs. It is glorious.

The heated mask is mentioned by those who’ve used it before that it helps with blepharitis and dry eyes. I certainly noticed a difference to my eyes after using the heated mask for just 10 minutes. The only slight snag is that it does get a little damp around the eye area but that’s a minor issue that I can look past.

Switching over to the alternative, and freezing the mask took a little longer. Having it this way is something I need to hand when I have a headache or a hangover because this feels so good on your eyes. The freeze option didn’t last as long as the heat but I still enjoyed using it.

Thera Pearl MaskSo what do I think of the Thera Pearl Mask? I think it’s perfect for quick solutions to any eye conditions you may face on a daily basis. It would be easy to carry around in your handbag if you’re in a position to heat it up or freeze it at work and it’s the perfect accompaniment if you want to use it in the bath or just whenever you’re having a pamper session.

What do you think of the Feel Good Contacts Thera Pearl Mask? Let me know in the comments below. You can also receive a 10% discount with the code ‘FEELGOODTIME‘ at checkout.


*Disclaimer – I was sent this product in return for my own honest opinion. This is a sponsored collaboration. All words are my own.


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