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Buying a place is such an exciting process but I can now say that without a doubt, I’m totally adulting right now. Why? Oh because I’m obsessively thinking about blinds. Yep. Totally obsessed. And when The Roof Window Store got in touch to show me their range of blinds, I’m now pretty much spoilt for choice with what I’d like to go into our apartment. It’s mad that I’ve become so obsessed with furniture right now.

The Roof Window StoreWe’re definitely going to go with a customised service where we’ll have someone come along and measure before offering us a quote for fitting. I don’t trust our DIY skills to successfully drill into the walls and put them up. Well I say I don’t trust ours, I don’t trust mine. #clumsy


Blackout Blinds

I’ve always wanted blackout blinds in our bedroom because I often find it difficult to sleep, especially if there’s ever any lights on or light shining into the room. Therefore a blind that can completely blackout a room would be perfect for the main bedroom and possibly the guest room too.

BlindsSolstro DUR Blackout (£43.99) |  Velux Roman (£63.96

Roman Blinds

I think these are my favourite of all the types of blinds. I love how they collect together as they’re drawn up and that they have various looks whether that’s all the way up, half way down or all the way. Sam’s parents have them in their living room and the design is pretty much what we’d like. I’ve found plenty of inspiration on Pinterest already and there’s just so much choice in designs.


Roller Blinds

The Roller Blinds are a little more straight forward compared to the Roman ones. I think it’s definitely a lot more cleaner and would be a suitable blind for going in the kitchen or bathroom. We don’t actually have windows in either of those rooms so this option might not be the best for us.

Velux BlindsVelux Roller (£49.92) | Velux Blackout and Pleated Duo (£63.96)

Duo Blinds

And lastly, the Duo Blinds. This is a combination of pleated and blackout which I think would add a bit more choice depending on the type of sunlight we’d have outside. My only issue with pleated blinds is that it would be quite an effort for cleaning them which for our first place, we want minimise the cleaning as much as possible.

Overall, I think we’re considering the Velux Blackout blinds for the bedrooms. I think for the remaining living room and dining room windows, it’s probably going to be between the Roman blinds or the rollers. I think either will be great but I’m definitely swaying more towards the Roman blinds because they just look a lot more stylish. 

Buying blinds is something I’d never thought I’d be excited about but I’m obsessing over every Pinterest pin and company that provides blinds. The Roof Window Store is definitely a place I’d consider if they also cover normal windows as opposed to the Roof ones. There’s so much to think about when buying a house and furniture like beds, sofas and dining tables are not something you normally worry about when renting because it’s already there.

What do you think of these blinds? Which are your favourites? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with The Roof Window Store. All words are my own.


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