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The mother of the bride aka my mum. She’s my best friend, my sister and mum all rolled into one. She’s my number one fan and supports everything that I do. She believes in me when at times I haven’t believed in myself. That’s why I wanted to focus this blog post and collaboration on my mum. I’ve recently talked about bridal fashion on my blog and it’s getting me all excited for sitting down to plan this actual shin-dig.

Mother of BrideAs the mother of a bride, it’s certainly an important role and therefore I’m sharing with you the ways I’m going to pamper my mum on the big day.


Hair & Makeup

Now hair and makeup is definitely something I want to put in the hands of professionals. Hair has never been something I’ve been particularly good at and I have the perfect person in mind to do my hair. His name is Michael Gray and he’s a super talented buddy of mine. Go check out his Instagram.

For makeup, I’m still brainstorming but I want my mum to get the same treatment as I do on my special day because this is just a small way of repaying her for what she’s done for me throughout my life. Unfortunately Dad isn’t partial to makeup so he’ll have to sit this one out.


The Outfit

I want my mum to look the part. I want her to feel as special as I do because we’re so close and I’d give her the world if I could. So for her outfit, I’d want to be a part of it by going shopping with her and sharing her experience of shopping for her daughter’s wedding. I’m sure it’ll be totes emosh and it will be a lovely day out for some mother-daughter time.

Compton Fashion House has some beautiful pieces that I’ll be sure to share with her when she’s looking.


Family Photos

Anyone who knows my mum will know she’s obsessed with taking photographs, whether that’s family meals or birthdays, pretty much anything is worthy of a snap on my mum’s phone or beloved camera. So a family portrait or too is a must during the wedding. Not only that but I really would love some mum and daughter photos, think Mamma Mia’s ‘Slipping Through My Fingers‘ scene because my mum loves brushing my hair – even now.


Walking Down The Aisle

So typical Sam has one extra groomsmen to my bridesmaids which means one of the groomsmen would have to walk two of my bridesmaids down the aisle. Instead I’d like my mum to walk with one of them. I’m guessing that’s kind of a thing already but I want to incorporate her more into the aisle because I’ll know she’ll just love it.



Now this is a secret that I’m going to keep from everyone but my fiance because it’s specifically for my parents and my parents read my blog so I want it to be a surprise. Music for me has always been a staple during our family time. Whether this is listening to some 60s-80s music in the car on our family holidays or rocking out to some rock music with my dad.

So I plan to do something quite special that will be mean a lot to my parents, on my wedding day. All will be revealed…when I get married.


Being blessed enough to have both parents in my life and seeing them so happily in love is something I aspire to have when I’m their age. They’ve given me so much and expected nothing in return. I’m so excited for our special day to arrive. I JUST HAVE TO PLAN THE BLOODY THING.

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*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Compton House of Fashion. All words are my own.


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