Cleansing with Cloud Cloth

There’s nothing quite like taking off your makeup at the end of a long day. That fresh, cleansed feeling is the best. My skincare routine has been pretty standard when it comes to removing my makeup so when Cloud Cloth send me some of their cloths to try, I was keen to try something other than cotton pads.

Cloud ClothThe Cloud Cloth comes in a pack of three. They are dual effective as they have two different sides. One is a very soft material and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types and the other side exfoliates the skin.

Packaged in a frosted paper bag, these already look luxurious which is surprising as they’re only £8.00. As a brand new brand, Cloud Cloth was conceived to stop women from wasting money on cleansing disposables. Let’s be honest, makeup wipes aren’t particularly great for the environment and these cloud clothes individually cost less than the average pack of wipes. 

There’s also an eco-friendly vibe that the brand is trying to put across which I love. I think a lot of us now are starting to become more conscious of what we put out in the world, so reducing our carbon footprint, whatever part of our lifestyle that might be, will make a difference. 

Cloud ClothSoft Side
Cloud ClothExfoliating Side

Three cloths is the perfect amount because you’ve got enough that you can alternate between using one, washing one and keeping one spare. I decide to use this alongside my Caudalie Oil Makeup Remover to remove my makeup.

The cotton side is super soft which is perfect for someone with sensitive skin. I tend to come out red as tomato whenever I rub my face for too long but the cloth takes off the makeup so effortlessly.

I used the linen side to gently rub my skin without any additional products, I decided to opt against a scrub just because I knew my face wouldn’t like such a tough combination.

The exfoliating side definitely gave me those Spa-like vibes and I also tried the linen side on a separate occassion to remove a mud mask and it took it off without very little scrubbing on my part.Cloud Cloth


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