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Property is something that I love. I think I’ve definitely picked up my mum’s love of snooping around new properties and I think for our generation, it’s important to get on the property ladder and perhaps eventually have more than the one property. Owning a property abroad is something Sam mentioned to me recently and a holiday home doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

MarbellaBoth me and Sam are not the type of people who’ll just settle for the same wage each month. I work extremely hard on my blog to create a second income and I’m working on other ways to increase that income and to also create a passive one such as the use of affiliate marketing.

Anyway, owning a property abroad is something that we’d probably look at doing when we’ve reached our late 30s, perhaps a couple of kids under our belt. Marbella is also a place me and Sam would both love to visit at some point because of it’s popularity and the fact it’s in Spain and I myself love Spain. It’s one of those holiday destinations that we visited many a time when I was living at home with my family so it definitely has a lot of memories and┬ánostalgia┬álinked to it.

So what do I feel the perks of living abroad or owning property abroad are. Well there’s quite a few, some are pretty obvious but I can see why so many Brits decide to buy abroad.


The Weather

Of course, I couldn’t ignore the fact that one of the major perks of buying property abroad is the glorious weather that Spain has. Unlike the UK where it feels like we get 1 or 2 days a year of hot weather, Spain is lapping it up. I feel that’s why us Brits tend to be so grumpy, we’re just desperate for some sunshine!

And I’m very much vocal on my blog and in daily life about how much I detest Winter. So to live in the UK where we spend most of our days, battling against rain, wind and other crappy weather is something I’d happily give up.


More For Your Money

Growing up, whenever anyone mentioned buying property abroad, they always said that you can probably get a lot more for your money than you do here in the UK. And I’d say that’s probably still the case. Of course I think with the conversion rates, this has probably become lesser but I’ve seen plenty of properties in Marbella that are bigger than our own flat here in London and cost half the price or less.

Now I’m not saying, I’m packing my suitcase, selling up and moving to Marbella but you can certainly see the attractions of moving to a hotter climate whilst getting a lot more space for your money.


It Can Be An Investment

If you don’t plan on using it as a home or holiday home and merely as an investment, there’s certainly some investment opportunities in buying abroad. A lot of research would have to go into it such as knowing which areas are thriving and whether the property you buy will return an profit or can be beneficial for renting out.

Buying a property abroad does have it’s risks but it’s just as risky as buying a property here in the UK so do your research and get plenty of advice from professionals before you go ahead.


Change of Scenery

Having the property as a holiday home gives you a great opportunity to see parts of the world that you’ve yet to explore. Everyone likes a change of scenery and having this readily available would be something many of us would enjoy having.

Not only that but exploring different cultures and tasting new cuisines is also exciting and I’ve heard Marbella has plenty of eateries both traditional and homely. There will also be more wildlife and nature to discover. #adventuregoals

Would you ever consider buying property abroad? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Altavista Properties. All words are my own.


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