How To Decide Which Room To Renovate Next


Renovation, on the whole, is a very positive thing when it comes to increasing the practicality and the aesthetics of your home. It can also add lots of value to your home too. For example, adding a new kitchen to your home can add £5,000 onto the value of your home. You can find more information about how much value a renovation can add to your home in this handy tool.

RenovationThe only problem is unless you’re not moved into the property yet, or you have a very large budget, most people have to approach renovation job by job, or room by room. So how do you decide which room is the most urgent?

Do you update the kitchen? Redo the bathroom? Do you add heating to the conservatory? Get the garden landscaped? You know what each room needs, but you don’t know where to start.

If you can relate to this and feel a little bit unsure where to move your home renovation focus next, don’t worry, we’re here to help. Consider the tips below to help you choose which room to renovate next.


Consider The Urgency

Before you choose a gorgeous new sofa for the living room or a trendy steel bath for your bathroom, it is important to prioritise the most urgent jobs. If the bath is leaking, or there is a condensation issue in a bedroom then that needs to be where your focus is. Particularly if the problem will escalate and possibly cause damage to your home.

Condensation and mould, for example, can cause aesthetic issues like black mould on walls, furnishings and sealant. It can also cause problems with the health of your family as the spores in the mould can get into the lungs and cause breathing issues.

If the condensation is caused by damp, that damp could eventually cause structural issues. It is a problem that needs addressing quickly and should be prioritised ahead of decorating or other superficial changes to your home. You can find out more about identifying condensation and treating it in this handy YouTube video.


Can Functionality Be Improved?

The way you use your home should be the priority ahead of the way your home looks. Because you’re likely to notice that the living room is more comfortable, even if the floors or walls are a bit behind the times. Think about each room and whether or not the renovation you want to do improves your quality of life or not.

If your kitchen requires updating to the appliances which will make it much more enjoyable to cook and spend time in there, and the bathroom works perfectly fine but you want to enhance it with the latest roll top bath or rainforest shower, then the kitchen should be your first choice.

How the room works for you should be your renovation priority, ahead of spaces that just need a refresh.


Which Room Do You Use The Most?

For years, headlines and studies have suggested that the kitchen is the most important room in the home. But every family is different and for your home, the living area could be the place you use the most. Or you might love your bathroom for relaxing, getting ready and preening, and use it the most out of every other space.

The room you use the most might be the one to get your renovation attention first. If you love the space and you spend a lot of time there, it makes sense to spend money enhancing the way it looks, feels or works.


What Kind Of Budget Do You Have?

Your budget may well dictate your next renovation project. You know you want your kitchen remodelled but that can’t be done until you’ve received a bonus at work which isn’t until Christmas. Instead, you do have a few hundred spare to retile the bathroom and buy some new fluffy towels and modern accessories.

Estimate the time and cost of different projects you want to do, and then think about which project could reasonably be completed within your budget within the next six months.


Do You Have The Skills To Do Some Jobs Yourself?

Sometimes bigger jobs require more money and time set aside to complete. Some projects you can complete yourself with basic skills and a weekend free. So it may be that because you have a week off soon and the time to get a small job done, that you can focus on that room next.

Alternatively, if you know you can book in a bathroom fitter next week with a special offer, it may be that you’ll be focusing on that room next instead.


Above All Else, Take Your Time Deciding

Of all the things you should and shouldn’t do to choose the next room you should renovate, the most important thing is to take your time deciding. If you rush, you could end up regretting the money and time spent on a project that could have waited. Consider:

  • Your own skills
  • The urgency of any outstanding jobs
  • The use of the room
  • The practicality of the rooms and if they could be improved
  • Your budget
  • Your time
  • Your priorities

Hopefully, once you have taken the time to consider the different rooms, the renovation they need and everything else you need to think about before committing to your next project, you’ll feel informed about the decision that you do make.

Home renovation is a fantastic undertaking which can improve the look, use and value of your home, so it is worth taking your time to consider which room gets your attention next, so you and your family get the best possible return on the project.

Taking time to do something slower than you normally would is a privilege not to be ignored – Harper Reed

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