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If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from this week, it’s to never underestimate the importance of a good pair of running shoes. Coming back into the New Year, I started to get a niggling feeling in my knees & unfortunately because of this it meant that week 2 has been a bit of a bust. The pain got worse & after my 1st run of the week, I made the decision to miss the next two. Even though I was desperate to get out, I had to say to myself that I’d rather miss the shorter runs earlier on in my training which I had already been regularly covering prior to the New Year & get my knees back to normal, instead of running through the pain & making it worse & worse each time.

TrainersHowever, I knew the 100% cause for my pain: bad running shoes. It’s safe to say I knew I needed new shoes, I’ve been running in the same pair since I started running last February & they were an old pair that had been given to me by my mum once upon a time. So before my 1st run of the week, I got myself in gear & headed down one lunchtime to the Covent Garden Runner’s Need. I knew I needed to invest in a good quality pair & had been recommended Runner’s Need by a few people who said that they offer free Gait Analysis in their stores to find exactly the right shoes for you.

What is Gait Analysis? In short, it’s assessing the way in which you walk & run. Upon arrival, they pop you in a neutral pair of shoes & then film your feet as you run on a treadmill for about 30 seconds. They will then show you the footage & determine whether your foot rolls inwards (pronates), doesn’t roll inwards enough (overpronates/supinates) or stays neutral. This then determines what the best type of shoes for you are. I ran neutrally so was shown a selection of well cushioned (I am quite heavy footed), neutral shoes. In the end, I chose the Saucony Ride ISOs.

And as for my only run of the week. The good news was, my new pair of shoes made such a difference! I didn’t realise how worn out my old set was but the amount of cushioning & support it gave me was almost surreal! Unfortunately, the damage was done on my knees so a well-earned rest was what they needed. Glad to say as I am writing this blog my knees feel so much better! Back on it next week though & I learnt a valuable lesson.

To donate to Hospice UK please click here. Thank you so much to everyone who donates I really appreciate your support and contributions to such an incredible cause. Make sure you check back on UpYourVlog to see my next blog post. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever done a marathon and what you would recommend helping me and others who may be doing it this year.

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