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I mean, this feels pretty special. Since leaving university, my acting dreams of being a movie star haven’t quite panned out since moving to London. I suppose every actor has the same feelings to some degree and I’ve seen plenty of Facebook friends who have decided to change career paths. And that’s totally fine because, like them, I’m now doing the same. I love acting and I’ll never say never, but I’ve come to quickly learn that having it as a career isn’t all the glitz and glam that it seems to be when you’re young. So I started blogging. It was a creative outlet for when I was out of work, which was pretty much all the time let’s be honest. And most recently, I published my 1,000th blog post on UpYourVlog. 

BloggerNow that seems like a huge amount to me but at the same time, these 4+ years of blogging have actually flown by. I’m now in a completely different position this year than I was last year. To the point where I could do blogging full-time. But for now, I’m sticking with full-time work because I’m kinda saving for a wedding and we still need to get things for the flat. My goals have shifted slightly and I think by the time I’m married, we’ll have moved further out of London and then it’ll become more financially possible to go full-time freelance writing and blogging.

So reaching 1,000 blog posts is truly mind-blowing for me. To think of how many hours I’ve invested in this blog is crazy but I can tell you now that it’s all been worth it. It’s given me so much already and I think it’s only right to reflect on some of my favourite posts of the past few years.



Hypoxi | Fat Busting Treatment – This was by far one of the highlights of 2018. I lost a mammoth 31 cm off my entire body and I remember going into the process thinking ‘this is never going to work‘ but I stuck to the regime, ate healthily and I felt so good afterwards. Sam is actually taking part in it soon, so I’m excited to see how he finds it and what results he’ll get from it. 

Why I Don’t Feel Body Confident – I didn’t know whether to put this under the beauty section or lifestyle but I suppose it’s a bit of both. These past few years of adulthood have clearly shown on my body. I put on a lot of weight and I suddenly felt very alien in the body that I was in. I’ve learned to love it more since this post but I’m still not happy with the way I look. I’ve talked about body confidence both on my blog and with others in person and I feel it’s something we all go through at points in our lives, some more often than others. It’s a learning process for me and I think I’ll eventually learn to love the body that I’m in.

Pulse Light Clinic Treatment – Something I’ve always been conscious of is my upper lip hair. Having fair skin and dark hair makes my facial hair stand out and although nowadays I’ve embraced it, back in my teens I felt so embarrassed by it. I wasn’t really that fussed by it as I grew older but when Pulse Light Clinic got in touch for a collaboration, I thought, why not? The results were incredible and I’m so glad that I said yes to this campaign. Even though it hasn’t fully gone (as I didn’t have enough treatments), the hair is so much lighter and grows back less quickly than usual.

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Pandora | Wedding Jewellery – Now one of the amazing things that blogging brings is that excitement every morning when I open my inbox. I never know what could be waiting for me and imagine my surprise when bloody Pandora – YES PAN-FREAKING-DORA wanted to collaborate with me. I got to go to this beautiful venue (one of The Ivy’s chain restaurants), made flower crowns and got gifted the most beautiful jewellery. I’m quite materialistic when it comes to the finer things in life, so I felt like I reached a pretty impressive point in my blogging with this.

Miss Tunica | Kimono Vibes – I realise my passion lies behind a camera, rather than in front of it and I loved this shoot with my girls while we were in Magaluf. We’d gone over there for a girls holiday and I managed to get a collaboration with Miss Tunica who kitted me and the girls out with these luxurious kimonos. My best friends looked incredible and we had so much fun just taking photos on the beach with the gorgeous sea behind us and that summer sun beating down.

Jingle Bell Ball | Debenhams – AMG. The Jingle Bell Ball was one, actually no, the best blogging event that I’ve ever been to. It was just insane and very poignant for me too. Starting out in London, I did a lot of promotional work and some of this was working in the Emirates Stadium as a welcome host. I also worked a few shifts in the boxes and always felt so excited to be there, even though I was working. So to be wined and dined in a box at the Jingle Bell Ball with Debenhams was a humbling experience.

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My Relationship With Alcohol – One of the things I love about blogging is that I can use my little space on the web to talk about anything. My relationship with alcohol was an important blog post to write because I’m currently at a point in my life where alcohol is prominent and for the past few years, I have drunk a lot. To me, that’s being a young adult but I’m now finding those two-day hangovers are reoccurring and I’m trying to keep check of what I’m eating and drinking so that I can lose weight. I also think a lot of my mental health ties into alcohol because when I’m stressed or upset, I turn to alcohol as a comfort. I think many of us do but I want a healthier relationship than that when it comes to alcohol.

I GOT ENGAGED! – It only took him five years to pluck up the courage but wow that location and the ring was everything and much more than I could ever imagine. Here’s me thinking I’m going to be a lonely old spinster and then the literal male version of me ends up studying at the same university that I go to. It’s now nearly seven years later and it still only feels like yesterday that we held hands while walking on the promenade in Aberystwyth and he asked me to be his girlfriend. BLEGH. I know, too much.

Why It’s Ok To Give Yourself A Mental Break – Jeez, this shit is important. Mental health is something that affects so many people, in so many different ways and it’s completely invisible. I’ve talked openly on my blog about my own mental health, I kinda feel like I need to dig deeper but that’s for another blog post. I think we should all be helping one another and taking more time in checking to see if our loved ones are really ok. Suffering can feel like such a lonely existence and I know when I’m in that pit, I always appreciate someone noticing.

1000 Rose Gold BalloonsI mean, I could have made this post so much longer but I doubt you’ve read up to here so I’ll stop now. But for my readers, whether this is the first one you’re seeing or if you’ve read hundreds or all of them, THANK YOU. You’ve made this little space of mine into a full-time business (although I’m not full-time working on it) and I love it.

Here’s to another 1,000 more and who knows what 2019 will have in store for UpYourVlog.

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