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Denim is probably one of my favourite clothing materials when it comes to fashion. It was a popular trend during the 90s and denim on denim is definitely still a thing. Last year, I got a beautiful long denim jacket from an online clothing company called WearAll but I longed for a short denim jacket for the Summer. Come through ZARA, you beautiful brand you.

Zara FashionFor me, denim reflects the 90s so I wanted that vintage denim, which I think this one certainly has. The Z1975 Denim Jacket lept out to me whilst shopping in-store and I knew I had to have it. I already knew it was going to look great before I even put it on. I love it when that happens, don’t you?

What I love about this denim jacket in particular is how it’s designed. The top part of it is actually a little baggier than fitted so it avoids bringing any attention towards my broad shoulders and instead makes it appear more equally proportioned.

Denim JacketWearing a cropped jacket also helps with my height. One problem I found with my longer denim jacket was that because of it’s length, it lost all my shape but with this one, it crops at my waist and shows off my long legs.

I love the open collar and the two big handy pockets either side which are perfect for my mahoosive phone and other bits and bobs that I manage to hoard around.

Denim JacketDenim symbolises my childhood and that’s probably why I’m so attached to it. I’ve been wearing this jacket pretty much every day since I bought it. For £25.99, it’s an absolute steal for the quality and fit. I’ll be sad when I have to put this away during the Winter but it will definitely see me through the Autumn until it gets too cold.

I’m obsessed with this jacket, what do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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